Bloomsbury is well known as a cultural hub and as such has many events and exhibitions running throughout the year, including annual events such as The Chap Olympiad. Bloomsbury is also conveniently located to many well known entertainment venues including The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Opera House and The West End's theatre district. Please see below for a selection of upcoming events in Bloomsbury and the surrounding areas.

‘Rights for Women: London’s Pioneers in their Own Words’


This free exhibition and events season at Senate House Library focuses on some of the famous and lesser known stories of over 50 women pioneers, from the late eighteenth century to present time, that used London as their platform to make their voices heard and establish equal rights for women.

I Object - Ian Hislop's search for dissent at The British Museum


History, as somebody wise once said, is just one damned thing after another. But is it really? Who decides what is ‘history’? Traditionally, the answer is ‘the winners’. But in this exhibition The British Museum sets out to investigate what the other people had to say – the downtrodden, the forgotten, the protesters.

What's On at Woburn Abbey & Gardens 2019


From Introduction to Planting with Adam Frost to Housekeepers' Know-How there really is something for everyone at Woburn Abbey and Gardens this coming year including the unmissable Woburn Abbey Garden Show 22nd & 23rd June 2019...

Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2019


22 June 2019 and 23 June 2019 Set against the stunning backdrop of Woburn Abbey and within 42 acres of Abbey Gardens, "The Gardener’s Garden Show" offers one of the best locations of any show in the UK.