Spring update.

The Czechs have a very accurate name for the month of November. The literal translation would be: ‘The Leaf Fall’. And that is precisely when I started my new position at Bedford Estates.

Apart from the fact that I have now mastered the leaf blower and a single leaf doesn’t escape my attention there were more exciting things that we achieved in December too (by we I mean: Tom Abbott – the Head Gardener and me Marianna Gazdikova – the Assistant Gardener). One of them was putting on Christmas tree lights at Bedford Square which was a great success and the tree looked fabulous.

Exciting projects are in view in the Year 2018.  A new flower border and a bee hive are going to be built at the Montague Street Gardens. We also plan to improve the planting at Ridgmount Gardens. So watch out for some new climbers and colourful flowers in late summer.

There was one extraordinary discovery I made picking the litter at Bedford Square in the beginning of December; among the leaves there it was - a tomato plant happily growing through the winter! It must have self-seeded from some thrown-away tomato and cheese sandwich.  It is still there and you can find it by the fence not far away from the left hand-side as you walk in through the south gate.

The daffodils (Narcissus) are already looking for its way above the ground which means that spring is around the corner and nature is to be reborn again. Can’t wait!

Marianna Gazdikova
Assistant Gardener