Spring update II

February gives us the last opportunity to tidy up the gardens, workshops and offices before another growing season knocks on the door. And I can already hear it so we must hurry up! Leaves are slowly but surely disappearing from the grounds, our garage and office are spotless, new plants on their way, seeds ready to be started and projects beginning to happen.

I am thrilled to see the gardens waking up from the winter sleep. Most of the Hellebores (Helleborussps.) are in full bloom, tender yellow crocuses (Crocusflavus) are brightening up the lawns under the trees and daffodils (Narcissus) are already in bud.

Another sign of spring is birds starting to mate. Soon they will be looking for a safe place to nest. Bigger birds are fine higher up but small ones need a bit of a protection. We provided them with bird boxes at Montague Street Garden and installed couple of them at Bedford square as well. More boxes are on their way for the rest of the gardens.


One winter job I particularly enjoy is pruning. Well, you can prune all year round depending on what it is you want to prune and what you expect the plant to do for you. We started with our roses this month. There is a great opportunity for you to get to know more about the alchemy of pruning by joining our workshop on Spring pruning at Woburn (http://www.woburnabbey.co.uk/events/gardening/pruning-study-day-2017/).

Although my hands feel completely frozen writing these lines my heart is warmed up by noticing that the days are already longer and bird songs are louder and louder. Let us enjoy it all carefully watching life coming back to our gardens!

Marianna Gazdikova