Spring update III

Playful weather is constantly testing our patience and persistence. The Beast from the East brought a refreshment to our gardens in form of snow cover that London hadn’t experienced for a long time. Tender flowers such as Salvias have suffered a lot of damage and we just hope they survived the shock of the cold wave.

I know it might seem a bit impatient saying repeatedly spring is around the corner. But it must be because we already started off our seeds and they will be sprouting soon with increasing temperature. 

Spring has also brought a goldfinch to Ridgmount Gardens. It couldn't be missed thanks to his beautiful colours and a tiny red face. Another wildlife resident is playing his drums at Montague Street Gardens. The woodpecker's instruments have been loudly echoing from the surrounding buildings almost every day during the last few weeks.

Bees are an essential element of the world's ecosystem and we are bringing them to our gardens too. Tom designed a beautiful little garden that will surround the hives and we planted it together. I'm sure that bees will love their new home and will reward us with their precious honey.

Marianna Gazdikova