Montague Street Gardens

Montague Street Garden

Montague Street Garden is a private garden of approximately 0.36 hectares (0.9 acres), which was originally laid out on the site of Montague Mews at the turn of the 20th century. Ideal for smaller, intimate gatherings requiring an unusual but stunning location, Montague Street Garden provides the familiarity of one’s own garden in which to erect a marquee.

With its entrance facing The British Museum, Montague Street Garden stands behind magnificent wrought iron gates, embossed with the gilded Bedford crest, which open to reveal a historic secret garden at the heart of The Bedford Estate.

This enchanting space is characterised by its swirling paths and formal lawns, overhung by mature trees through which filters dappled sunlight. Like Bedford Square Garden and Ridgmount Garden, Montague Street Garden is managed directly by The Bedford Estates' gardening team.

Recently established bee hives which are tended by office staff are surrounded by a newly established herbaceous border with a wide variety of flowering perennial plants.

Available for Hire

Montague Street Garden can be hired for private events, subject to terms and conditions. It is particularly valued by high profile organisations as a discrete, private venue. 

Venue Hire

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