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Sustainability is at the heart of our stewardship of Bloomsbury.  This means maintaining buildings that have stood for hundreds of years so that they will stand for hundreds more. It means managing properties efficiently and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, while actively encouraging bio-diversity in our open spaces and garden squares to improve the quality of life for Londoners.  It also means creating a sustainable community, enabling businesses to thrive, and encouraging residents to call Bloomsbury home for years to come.

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Carbon Reduction

  • 300 plus years of embodied carbon in our heritage buildings
  • Professional partnerships support our drive to reduce carbon across our Estate
  • Growing stable of buildings utilising air source heat pump technology
  • Switching residential and commercial properties to green tariffs during void periods


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Sustainable Refurbishments

  • Contractors sign up to a zero waste to landfill agreement when tendering for projects
  • Architects instructed to specify UK based / sustainable products
  • Tracking EPC’s in every refurbishment project and measuring the impact on carbon footprint of every major refurbishment
  • Inventory of materials and furniture that can reused, donated or recycled
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Air Quality

  • Founding members of Wild Bloomsbury which is re-introducing nature and increasing the health and well-being of the community. This includes planting activities and active travel resources
  • Partnership with Biotecture to identify and create new green spaces, living walls and other installations to help improve air quality through greening
  • Use of products such as airlite paint to reduce levels of C02 inside our buildings
  • Abundance of private and public green spaces developed and maintained by our professional team of horticulturists improves air quality and sense of well-being
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  • Major funder of the Bloomsbury Festival
  • Founding member of Coram Field’s Connecting Futures initiative
  • Fundraise and Volunteer for Single Homeless Project
  • Our invovlement with Wild Bloomsbury offers residents, businesses and volunteers the opportunity to connect with others whilst acquiring new skills
  • Host events that bring together our residential and commercial occupiers for socialising and networking opportunities
  • Promote private and public events in our gardens
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