Contacting The Bedford Estates

The Estates Office is open Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5.30pm. If you have any queries regarding your tenancy please contact the Estate Office on (020) 7636 2885.

In respect of maintenance requests, during office hours these should be made direct to the Estates Office (020) 7636 2885. Most maintenance issues are dealt with during office hours. For further clarification please ‘Additional Information below’.  Please note that if you are a tenant of commercial premises you should first consult your lease which specifies your repair and maintenance obligations.

If you are a tenant of residential premises and you have an emergency repair request outside of office hours you should contact our nominated contractors PACE (UK) Ltd, a company that has been working on The Bloomsbury Estate for several years. PACE (UK) Ltd contact details are as follows:

John Hickey 07887 848 636  / Steve Squires 07831 327 372

An emergency repair request can be defined as follows:

A substantial water leak into the flat which cannot be reasonably contained by the occupier, or stopped by the discontinued use of an appliance. No heating or hot water (after you have checked the boiler, timer control, and or immersion heater)

A serious fault to the power circuit, which the occupier has reasonable grounds to believe may involve the risk of fire, and which cannot be contained by the discontinued use of an appliance. (Please refer to our note concerning ‘Consumer Unit Fuse Boards’)

The occupier has reasonable grounds to believe that there is a gas leak within the flat. Please note that a strong smell of gas should be reported to Cadent immediately on 0800 111 999. A vague or random gas smell can be isolated by our contractor however if you’re in doubt, please call Cadent.

To make good any damage which breaches the security of the flat or building (i.e. a break-in, vandalism, weather damage or lock problem).



Additional Information

Please be aware that under the terms of your tenancy you are responsible for the following:

  • Replacement of light bulbs, including all room lighting, internal illumination of a fridge, oven or microwave and security lighting personal to your property but excludes common parts lighting.
  • Replacement batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when batteries are low and at least once a year.
  • Minor day to day repairs, such as loose toilet seats, loose ironmongery (handles etc), additional security including door bolts, chains and window.
  • Loss of keys and lock changes beyond fair wear and tear. In the interests of building security the Estate should arrange all replacement. Please contact us on 020 7636 2885.
  • Blocked drain, toilet, sinks etc that are a result of misuse, i.e. excessive toilet paper or waste food.
  • Removal of vermin, insects and pests.
  • The cost of repairing a Landlord’s appliance that has broken down due to incorrect operation or maintenance that has not been carried out in accordance with the operating.
  • If for any reason you are unable to attend to any of the above then the Estate can organise this for you and arrange for the invoice to be sent to you direct.
  • Please note the list is not exhaustive and only covers the more common items of repair.

Non Emergency Contact